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Wrote by Tiew Wan Chin


One of the ‘must eat’ in Ipoh, Perak are Tau Fu Fah and Soya Bean. The texture of Tau Fu Fah is very soft and moist whereas the soya bean is very fresh and cool. When you have a spoonful of this dessert, Tau Fu Fah, it is slowly melt in your mouth and slip into your throat. The flavours of Tau Fu Fah are red bean toppings, chrysanthemum syrup in addition to the original and ginger syrup. Woong Kee also had the original and grass jelly, soya milk, brown sugar, peanut sesame and the Soya Bean also without preservatives. You can choose black soybean version and has the strong soybean essence and sweet.
**Only found IT in Woong Ke**


I discover this wonderful shop at Ipoh. The shop tiny with seats so customers can choose to sit outside on the pavement also. Likewise, customers also can take away and just call or honk for service. Woong Kee Tau Fu Fah & Soya Bean was highly recommended by locals. Not only of the reasonable price, the workers also very kind and always serve their customers with a smiling face. So, people worth to enjoy this dessert. In fact, the brand has been around for 5-6 years. The opening hours are 13:00 – 18:00. Woong Kee always crowded with peoples by locals or supporter that some come from far away

**Check in **

**Yes, I’m having 2 bowls at one go. Because one is just not enough! **

**Tauke busy preparing for their consumer**

**good spot to keep our memories

** PRICES **

Woong Kee
32-38A (Bawah),Jalan Ali Pitchay, 30250 Ipoh, Perak.

Hours: 1 pm – 5pm (or until sold out)

Call before going, 2 off days in a month but these off days are not fixed.
Contact: +60165333210

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  1. Yaya...the tau fu fa is very smoothhhh ...like it

  2. Thanks for providing the information. I can't wait to visit this food heaven right now! ^^

  3. Yayaya the tau fu fa I like the most in Ipoh. Taste really good

  4. I love the beancurd flavour the most !

  5. YESSSSS I was trying to find thissss <3

  6. TauFuFa and soyabean is good for our skin! Especially lady😍😍😍
    I want try!!

  7. TauFuFa and soyabean is good for our skin! Especially lady😍😍😍
    I want try!!

  8. Delicious with reasonable price πŸ’―

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.


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